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CLIENT Testimonials

Various Clients, Same Results: Excellence.



Cassie has a fantastic perspective of the Wellness landscape and her ability to analyze trends and customer needs - and pair those with vendors who can exceed those needs – is unmatched. Cassie has so much knowledge of the space and the players, that when she makes observations and recommendations, our experience is that she is absolutely spot on.
— David Ashworth, CEO, MediKeeper

Cassie has done a tremendous job assisting Priority Health in development of strategy for our wellness products and programs.  In addition, she has assisted us with wellness product development, marketing and staff training to position us well in the marketplace.
— Michael Jasperson, SVP , Priority Health

Cassie’s breadth of knowledge and experience in the wellness industry is remarkable and unique. More importantly, she consistently demonstrates an ability to transfer that knowledge to businesses in a practical, communicative manner that helps us drive strategy.  I can not overstate the value she added to our organization.   Five stars.
— Christopher Koch, CEO, MedChat

I have continued to be impressed with Cassie and her expert knowledge that, when combined with her passion and customer service orientation, make her an outstanding professional that we continue to utilize at our organization. She is extremely dependable and our employees are the better for the special talents that Cassie and SynBella bring.
— Rick David, COO, UHY Advisors

Cassie Sobelton is an innovative leader in the Health and Wellness industry. Her kind, approachable manner and true dedication are to be commended. She is a real pleasure to work with. I can truly recommend Cassie to you.
— L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive, Oakland County Michigan

Cassie tackles consulting in a new and refreshing way.  While she has vast experience in her field, she spends a considerable amount of time listening, reflecting and understanding business challenges so she can deploy her talent in a way that helps her clients meet the end goal.  She is adept at quickly reading stakeholder audiences and adjusting her presentation content and approach to achieve meeting objectives.  Cassie’s engaging style and her willingness to share what she has learned through her personal journey leaves her learners wanting more!
— Carol Nowak, SVP, Priority Health