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turnkey wellbeing department

Benefit Brokers are tasked with wellbeing initiatives by their clients in a variety of ways. This could take form of a vendor search and selection, setting strategy, integrating with other benefits, providing (free) resources and direction, often by employers with little to no budget.

This task can become burdensome and difficult without a wellbeing expert on staff or branded materials by your firm.

This is where SynBella steps in. We are offering a turnkey wellbeing department for brokers who are not interested in hiring their own wellbeing consultant and creating a full suite of wellbeing resources with your firm’s branding.

We aim to be your full service wellbeing department. We work with your staff to service your clients and prospects, under your firm’s branding. We will provide you with all the resources you need to not only show presence in the market, but be the leaders in the market.

business strategy & Direction

The employer wellbeing marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires advice from wellbeing experts who are deeply entrenched in the particulars of employer wellbeing.

We offer a competitive advantage that can help you save money and make more of it in the long run.

We’ve steered health plans, wellness vendors, technology vendors, retailers, pharmaceutical companies, start ups and sole proprietors looking to enter or update their wellbeing offerings with a balance of strategies around marketing, pricing, communications, integration, networking, budgeting and socializing that had clear execution and built-in problem-solving contingencies.

Whether you are a startup, small business, wellbeing vendor in B2C looking to move into B2B, or a large health plan, our holistic wellbing approach is essential to any company looking to grow in the employer wellbeing market.

resources for professionals

Already have a wellbeing expert(s) on staff, but need a little help with a big project or canned resources?

We are always excited to partner with your staff in any way to help you provide the best wellbeing resources and consultation to your clients.

Quite often, wellbeing or employee engagement departments at brokers or health plans are sparse. While that is perfectly acceptable for day to day business operations, if your firm has a major project or initiative, you might need some help, but are not ready to add another staff member.

SynBella can assist you with your wellbeing projects or initiatives in a consultative manner. While this saves you time and money on recruitment and training, it also allows you to frog-leap forward in your offerings, while a veteran consultant helps you navigate the marketplace.